June 15, 2016

Boston Kickers


New Design? We wanted our shirts to not only be in our colors, but to be easily recognizable and memorable. Having four different versions that complement each other is awesome!

Team Logo? Our amazing Boston Kickers crest was created by Kitmen designers!

Previous Jersey or Inspiration? No.

Jersey Numbers? Not numbers, but on our non-collared shirts we put “COACH” on the back.

Screen Printed? On our t-shirts, we have the Boston Kickers logo front and center!




Director, Boston Kickers

We are a youth soccer club with very bright colors. We’ve spent a bunch of money on some local options that had our coaches’ cotton jerseys losing brightness even after one or two washes—you could tell who are new coaches were by how bright they showed up to practices!

In the summertime, our coaches would end practices in drenched shirts and miserable, but we couldn’t afford to pay for both customization and the moisture wicking stuff which would’ve cost us almost $80 per jersey!

At their price point and design options, Kitmen was an easy choice and certainly worth a try. I’m happy to say we’ve been ecstatic with both our collared polos and t-shirts.

Never before have we had parents coming up to us asking if they could have one for themselves for when they work out!! Currently only our coaches only have Kitmen jerseys, so our players keep clamoring and wondering when theirs are coming. I think pretty soon!