June 15, 2016

Boston Cambridge Somerville Eleven


New Design? Simple design, torso one color, sleeves another.

Team Logo? Unique, designed by club president, embroidered on left breast.

Previous Jersey or Inspiration? Inspiration of the claret and blue comes from West Ham United. Wanted to mimic their classic look.

Jersey Numbers? On back in white to match the collar trim.

Screen Printed? Numbers on the back. Would do a sponsor on the front if we had one. Either screen printed or heat press.




Founder and President, Boston Cambridge Somerville Eleven

Since founding Boston Cambridge Somerville Eleven in 2009 I’ve been wanting a kit with a claret top and blue sleeves, like my beloved West Ham United. Finding such a look in the States proved to be difficult, or overly costly with the custom options. I must’ve contacted half a dozen vendors over the years sending emails and calls back and forth, getting samples here and there. Finally! kitmen came about and offered exactly what I was looking for, a bespoke kit with my exact colors and design yet with prices matching the useless templates of the big names.

The process with the kitmen team was super easy and quick. I tweaked the initial mock-up a time or two and then got to see the final product in photos before they were sent. Now we have comfortable kits that didn’t weigh us down during a rainy debut match. Not only are they nice and light, but now we no longer look like all the other teams out there, and have the kits I’ve been hoping to have for years!